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Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Professional & Contractor Stays

Premier Destination for Serviced Accommodation Across the UK.

Explore top-tier serviced accommodations, meticulously tailored for professionals and contractors. Welcome to your next stay!

Property Listings

Experience the comfort and convenience of our exclusive serviced apartments designed for your comfort while working away. Enjoy central locations, modern amenities, and quick access to shops, dining, and public transportation.

Heathrow Gateway

A great 4 sleeper for Contractors near Heathrow w/Parking


Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

St Georges Courtyard in Hinckley

Modern 2 Bedroom Apt w/Free Wi-fi for up to 6 people 


Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

Queens Chambers – Stoke on Trent

Modern 1 Bedroom Apt in a historic town building in the heart of Burslem


Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom


St Georges Courtyard in Hinckley

Stunning 2 bed Apt w/free Wi-Fi


Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom



St Georges Courtyard in Hinckley

Cozy 2 bed Apt w/free parking 


Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom



St Georges Courtyard in Hinckley

Luxury 2 BR Apartment for Contractors W/Free Wi-Fi


Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom


Areas We Cover


Southend-on-Sea is renowned for its vibrant seafront and the world’s longest pleasure pier, perfect for family outings and cultural explorations.


Hinckley is a historic town in Leicestershire, featuring historic museums, parks, and easy access to Leicester and Coventry, ideal for explorers.

Stoke on Trent

Known for its pottery industry, Stoke on Trent offers cultural heritage sites and buzzing markets, suitable for families and workers.


A charming seaside town, Cleethorpes offers sandy beaches and lively promenades, great for relaxation and family fun.


Stevenage combines modernity with history, featuring ample green spaces and shopping areas, ideal for families or a quick getaway.


Adjacent to one of the world’s busiest airports, Heathrow serves as a convenient hub for travellers and workers, offering quick access to London.

Benefits of Staying With Us

Enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere in our serviced accommodations. Here are some fantastic benefits of staying with us:

Furnished Spaces

Step into your new home, where our fully furnished apartments come equipped with luxurious amenities and every convenience you need.

Save Money

Enjoy competitive rates designed for longer stays, which become even more economical the longer you stay, providing significant savings over traditional hotel bookings.

Complete Privacy

Experience the privacy and comfort of your own space, allowing you to unwind and relax after a long day’s work without the interruptions typical of standard hotel services.

High-Speed Internet Access

Complimentary Wi-Fi in all locations ensures that you stay connected for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones.

Prime Locations

Situated in prime areas across the UK, our properties provide convenient access to business districts, public transportation, and essential services.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team is available around the clock to assist with any requests, ensuring a worry-free stay from start to finish.

Flexible Booking Options

Enjoy peace of mind with our flexible booking options designed to accommodate any changes in your schedule, whether for work or personal plans.

Modern Amenities

Each property is equipped with modern amenities including fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and often fitness centers, providing a functional and enjoyable living environment.

Professional Environment

Our accommodations are designed with professionals in mind, ensuring a quiet and conducive environment for both work and relaxation.

Regular Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services maintain our properties at a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring a comfortable and healthy living space.

Photos of our Rooms

Comfortable Living Spaces

Each apartment and house at PnC Stays features cosy and inviting living areas, carefully designed to ensure you feel at home. With luxurious furnishings and a warm atmosphere, every room is crafted to maximise your relaxation and comfort. Unwind in spaces made to enrich your stay with both style and convenience

Why Choose us?

Choose PnC Stays for transparent pricing and comprehensive amenities that enhance your experience. Our accommodations come with fully equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and spacious living areas—everything you need for a cost-effective and pleasant stay. Designed with your comfort and flexibility in mind, each space serves as your true home away from home.

Trust us for exceptional serviced accommodations and short-term rentals across the UK. Whether you’re on a weekend getaway, business trip, or in need of temporary housing, our carefully selected properties ensure the perfect stay tailored to your needs.



3 sleeper for contractors Near Heathrow w/Parking

James was very responsive and helpful. The property looked like the photos and was very homely.


3 sleeper for contractors Near Heathrow w/Parking

Great communication, fixed issues quickly. Great place

3 sleeper for contractors Near Heathrow w/Parking

Really professional service, fantastic advice which provided me with accommodation close to where I work at Southend hospital. Perfect for my needs.

Stay With Us

At PnC Stays, your comfort is our priority. Whether travelling for business or leisure, our accommodations are crafted to ensure each visit is as memorable as it is comfortable. Enjoy a seamless experience tailored just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you don’t locate what you’re searching for here, feel free to get in touch with us for further assistance and information.

Can I bring my pet along during my stay?

Generally we don’t allow pets at our accommodations in case of demage or allergies of later guests, however in entenuating circumstances we may make a case decision. Let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Is smoking allowed in the accommodation?

For the comfort of all guests, smoking is not permitted in our accommodations. However, designated outdoor smoking areas may be available at some properties.

Are there any shared spaces on the property?

Certainly not. You have exclusive access to the entire property throughout your stay. Rest assured, you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if our cleaning or maintenance team needs access.

Can I have deliveries sent to the accommodation during my stay?

Certainly, you are welcome to order takeaways and small deliveries during your stay. For larger items, kindly inform us in advance. Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for items arriving before or after your stay.

Is parking available for guests?
We offer convenient parking options for guests at or near our properties. Please let us know if you require a parking space when booking.
Do you provide complimentary Wi-Fi for guests?
Yes, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi is available for all guests to stay connected during their stay. Where possible we provide fibre optic broadband for increased speed and convenience
What are the payment options available for booking?
We accept various payment methods for booking, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal for your convenience.
Can I rent the entire property for privacy, without sharing with strangers?
Absolutely, all of our accommodations available to book is for the entire property for complete privacy and exclusivity.
Do you have multiple sites and locations for accommodation?
Yes, we have a range of properties in different locations around the Essex, the Midlands, & Lincolnshire to suit your preferences and needs. Feel free to explore our multiple sites for your ideal stay.
Will I have to share a room with another guest? (Optional with zip-link beds)
Some of our accommodations offer zip-link beds that can be configured as twin or King size beds, allowing flexibility for guests who prefer to share a room with friends or family. Please let us know at booking if you prefer the rooms to be configured a certain way.
What is the difference between a short-term stay and a company let?
A short-term property is typically rented for leisure or temporary stays from a few nights to several months, while a company let is a corporate accommodation option suitable for business travelers or company employees on extended visits of six months and beyond.
What exactly is serviced accommodation or a serviced house?
Serviced accommodation refers to fully furnished properties that provide hotel-like amenities and services, such as regular cleaning, maintenance, and utilities included in the rental price, offering a convenient and comfortable home away from home.
Is there a maximum duration for the duration of a guest's stay?
There is generally no maximum duration for our guests’ stays. Whether you’re staying for a few nights or a few months, we aim to accommodate your needs for as long as you require.

We hope these answers have addressed your questions comprehensively. We’re here to ensure your stay with us is pleasant and memorable. Feel free to reach out if you have any further queries or require assistance.